Home renovation projects can help increase the value of your home. the renovations can do with both a hand’s on and off approach. While hand’s on home renovations are cheaper, hiring qualified people leaves you with a more professional and good-looking job.

Here are simple steps to helps you renovate your home professionally on a budget

Create a plan

Coming up with a plan and sticking to it as much as you can is important if you want to renovate your home on a budget. This is the first step to keeping your costs down during the actual renovation process.  Make a two-part list of things you must have and thins you want to have. The latter is not as necessary as the items you must have for your home.

Choose the right people

You do not just pick anyone to do the job. If hiring a designer or contractor is included in your plan, ask for recommendations from trusted sources like families, friends, neighbours and workmates. You can also check out reviews online to ensure you are getting the right person for the job. Do plenty of research by looking into people who have had similar works done by the contractors before.

Set a limit

People who have been in real estate for a longer period of time say that you should not have to spend money on a house if the value of each room as a percentage is higher than the value of the overall house.  For instance, the kitchen should account for around 15% of the property value.  This means If the home is worth 300,000 dollars you should set the limit to lower than 45,000 for renovation.

Do not rush the process

Talk to a couple, or maybe three contractors before you hire one and get the job started. Interview them individually to get a better feel of who you will be working with. Compare them on both professional levels and how you interact socially plus how they charge you for the job so you can pick a contractor with the most desirable traits for you.

Mix and match

Another way to save more money on the projects is to mic and match the materials. For instance, you can use hardwood floors in the living room, tiles in the kitchen and less expensive flooring options on the hallways, bathrooms and other areas. Vinyl and tile are less expensive but will make your house modern and beautiful.


Some home renovations do not need the work of a professional to come out looking nice. You can curb the labour costs by doing some of the work by yourself or with your family and friends.

Do not be afraid to get handy with the renovation process even when there is a professional around, you could learn a thing or two. This will also help you keep track of the finances used and make major decisions with the contractor.


Other alternatives that will ensure a cheaper home renovation process include using reclaimed materials and holding a backyard sale to dish out all the items you do not need for some renovation cash.