DIY home renovations are easy and cheap but could cost you a lot on home renovations in the long run. While a hands-on approach to plumbing issues is cheaper, it could lead to major plumbing issues in the long run when you have no clue what you are doing. This calls for a professional to help or handle the pluming issues.

The home plumbing system is a complex one that you do not want to mess with. When it is not working property, there is a very high chance of creating water damage issues and staying without clean water. Hiring a good plumber will help you solve the issues professionally without the worry of creating more.

The first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what kind of plumber you will need. Surprisingly, not all plumbers are the same. Many have specialties in certain areas, some plumbers prefer to do service calls lie unclogging while others are restricted to installation services.

Their licence/insurance

Just like all other professionals, you want to work with a qualified plumber.  Having a proper licence and insurance will help protect the plumber’s business as well as the home owner in case of any accidents. Hire a plumber that is willing to operate only when they have a proper licence and are fully insured. Plumbers with half a million in liability insurance and up to date comp policy are best to work with especially when the home is new.

A warranty

A god tradesman should take pride in their work and stand behind it 100%. The plumber you are looking to hire should be familiar with the warranty of the manufacturer on all products they install in your home and they should follow that up with an additional workmanship warranty.

References and ratings

References and ratings can tell a lot about a plumber and their work. You have the right to ask the plumber for references for any similar home projects they did recently. If they do a good job, there is no reason they should not give you the references. Do not be afraid to ask past clients questions like what kind of project the plumber did, the communication and If they would hire the plumber again. 

You should be able to find the plumber/company ratings online with a couple of reviews from plats clients. If there are more bad reviews than good then you should reconsider hiring the plumber.

Soft skills

The plumber might have the best plumbing skills but how do they deal with clients in person? you want to hire a plumber that will respect you and your home. take the time to pay attention to little details about your interactions and communication.

What are the best places to look at when searching for a plumber?

One of the best ways to get a good plumber is by getting personal reference from a neighbour, family of friend. Not many people pay attention to the association and community involvement of the plumber in the community.